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Program of New generation humanitarian organization (NGHO)

Women’s empowerment and development integration of women in development activities is one of the key issues of development process. NGHO attaching much importance on this issues has started the program of lief skills  busied development training for the disadvantages women and gave financial support for income generation activities besides basic education up to standard. As a result the target  women have gained the status in their family and society following issues in particular

·        To gain leadership quality

·        To impart the decision making process.

·        To play role in children education

·        To plan own business its proper maintenance

·        To give proper leadership in the family, community and society.

·        To speaks and impart in various level of orientation dissemination and awareness building sessions meetings rallies etc.    

·        To bargain with various service providers /agencies for their rights

·        To shoulder and bear family community and social responsibility

Agriculture : The main theme behind sponsoring agriculture and social forestry program is to   increase the agriculture productions by adopting latest technology and using quality inputs and thereby ensuring food security for the marginal land holder beneficiaries and creating employment opportunity for the   hard core and a means of incomes generation. NGHO has been implementing activities of organizing community groups for creation own capital through small savings, skill development training distribution of inputs etc. free of cost.

Fisheries management  project : The objective of this program is to brings direly tank under fish on re-exclamation and thereby involves the vulnerable group of people for fish cultivation through formation of Co-operatives. It is contemplated the project brings result towards in come generation as such plays important role of alleviate poverty. NGHO also provided  training to the farmers on fish transferred  appropriates technology.

Safe water and sanitation program :

Morbidity  and mortality rate are very high in rural area of Bangladesh due to non availability of safe drinking water, proper sanitation want of awareness about personal ligancy. To change the situation NGHO has been conducting the activities.

*       Dissemination of information, education and distribution of mat such as-leaflet, posters stickers etc. for awareness building

*       Holding the community meeting/sessions for motivational purpose

*       Undertaking of promotional steps for popularizing hygienic latrine supply of latrine materials at a subsidize rates

*       Encouraging harvest of rain water and exploration of alternatives surface water  of drinking and cooling purpose in those areas where arsenic contamination of drinking  is cute.

Education Program : NGHO has been implementing for four education program such as pre-primary education, Basic Primary education, Non-formal primary education, Reflects educations for wrangler youth is Hilly  Districts and functional education program for  children, adolescent and adults of the hard core poor communities of the rural and urban areas. NGHO has been implementing pre-polymeri education for the children of age group 4-5 years and primary education program (Class-I-V) for the children of the age group (6-8 years) functional education has been initially designed to develop inherent  target people by imparting basic  education of based such like agriculture  livestock, fish culture social  forestry, environment  health, sanitation and personal hygiene and different market oriented that they con engage themselves in to the 7G activities NGHO contaminated to provide skill development training it order to equip the unemployment youth addle cent girls with specific skills in the fields of their choice and market demand.

To attain these objectives NGHO has been providing round the year vocational and skill development training on.

·  Motor  Cycle Repairing

·  Computer and mobile servicing

·  Tailoring

·  Welding trade

·  Electrical trade

In addition NGHO finds and creates necessary ways and means for placement as well as ensures job others for the graduates including marketing facilities of the products.

Health Program :

Of the 4.5 crore teenage girls are more vulnerable to deprivation of education and health care. According to the 15 year programs sustainable development goals [SDGS] adapted by the UN late last year. Nobody will leave behind. So attention should be given to education and health sectors of the teenage girls. It is one of the impotent segments of the population. NGHO have taken in account of them in its scope of the work.
59% girls in Bangladesh get married before they reach 18 with their education shelved forever. Many of them get pregnant and face risk of death and mul-nutrition of their children. Child marriages also lead to move domestic violence as they are not capable as they are not capable of negotiating with their parents. The rate of using modern contraceptive is low [47% among married adolescent girl’s 15-19years].This Organization thinks to improve the importance reproductive and sexual health of adolescent of youth.
In order to enhance women improvement the number of seats reserve for women in the National Parliament have been increased by 5 to made 50. More than 12 thousand women were elected as public representative in the last round of local Government Election. At present in Bangladesh the PM, the leader of opposition and Deputy Leader of House are all women. The number of women among the justice of the Supreme Court, Top position of the administration, top position of police, Armed forces and UN peace keepers indicate the improvement in the women empowerment. This picture shows that Bangladesh satisfactory progress in this sector. But the situation in some remote area is different. There have huge gender gap. NGHO would be able to help to reduce gender base violence.

New generation humanitarian organization (NGHO) has education program with on aim to improving mothers care and child health by providing both curative and preventive health services by raising awareness and campaign on health, nutrition, hygiene promotion through motivation measures like  community meeting, sharing session seminar and symposium, observation of special days on various topics issue and through distribution of different IEC materials among the beneficiaries and community.

Awareness of dangerous effect of HIV, AIDS door steps pharmacy services with reduced price supply of EP materials free of cost-

The objectives of the programs are.      

*To achieve overall health status of the community

* To reduction general morbidity and mortality  rate.

* To reduction child morbidity and mortality rate.

* To reduce population growth rate.

*To enhance knowledge and awareness of beneficiaries on health problems.

* To ensure normal growth of new born babies

* To gather knowledge of protecting themselves from STO and HIV/AIDS.

Monitoring and evaluation program :

New generation humanitarian organization (NGHO) designs and conducts researches on various aspects / topics and subjects relating to social and economic development to our country with emphasis project related issues  such as pre-project related issues, pre-project  status  of the target peoples,  training need assessments, of status of women  empowerment and result of  income generates activities using different mechanism indicators and tools. It has also been watching and getting familiar with all modern development / innovations and application as and when it appears in the lime light.  Thus the team members maintain the trend of updating themselves with the latest innovations improvements.

Information management and development program:-

Develops visual materials, such as different types of modules on various project components, posters, leaflets, strikers, training materials, training manual, training scripts, monitoring and evaluation form/reports, brochures and annual reports etc. on a professional manner.


These materials are generally  used on awareness building , disseminations of information’s of   development and motivational aspects and training courses. Information development communication cell regularly maintains close contact with target people and collect necessary information and disseminate the same to different levels for knowledge and sharing. If also feeds exchanges with other organizations that seek information form NGHO and vise-a-viz.