About NGHO

“New Generation HumanitarianOrganization’ ’in sort name NGHO will be known same in both Bangla and English.


New Generation Humanitarian organization shortly known as NGHO a Non-Government as well as Non-Profitable Organization. It starts its journey in a new era from 2014 taking some goals and objects. Development of the country is prime object of this organization. Ms. Rojina nasrin a visionary lady get some young energetic, enthusiastic and highly educated men and women together and founded it. Ms. Nasrin also secretary of the organization passed from Dhaka University at Social welfare and obtained her MBA Degree from University of Liberal Arts [ULAB], Dhaka. Bangladesh is not now stay in under the poverty limit but upgraded its status in lower middle income country. It also declared vision 2021 and turn into develop country within very short time.

The financial indicators International Financial Institutions especially World Bank ADB and IDB show their prediction positive in this regard. It would be possible if the present trend remained unchanged. If we look into the past history of the development of Bangladesh then can see the private organization especially NGOs played pivotal role in development sectors. But that was traditional and monotonously work for only to meet the starves of the people. Now the situation is changed .Bangladesh not in remained her previous position .The problems as well as expectations of peoples have been changed. They are dreaming better life, poverty and fasting is not now their problems. Per capita income of our people is increased. So taking those things in account NGHO marched to the field to reach the country in its 2041s Bangladesh. The founders of the organization think two segments of peoples should be given importance one is young generation and other are women in order to make themselves as human resources.


(A) The Commitments of New generation humanitarian organization (NGHO)

*       To assist the woman folk in a acquiring leadership quality.

*       To uphold the causes of woman and children especially of the  vulnerable group.

*       To assist improve the status of the poor

*       To eradicate illiteracy and superstition from the society. 

*       To assist the target group enhance skills and knowledge.

*       To work for establishment and ensuring rule of law.

*       To help eradication of poverty

*       To assist to reaching  economic emancipates

*       To work for the hard care poor, marginal and landless farmers for  improving their socio   economic conditions.

(B)       Vision of New generation humanitarian organization (NGHO)

            *          Uplifting the socio-economic conditions of the poor, helpless, landless, destitute  and deprived grassroots peoples.

(C)       Mission of New generation humanitarian organization (NGHO)

            Effective  use of available means of human communication for learning educating and raising awareness of the citizen, of Bangladesh for making  informed choice to have service concepts, knowledge and skill.

(D)      Objective of New generation humanitarian organization (NGHO)

            *       Enhancement of health status of target group.

            *       Reduction and elimination of poverty through appropriate, programs project.

            *       Providing assistance to the rural and urban poor for developing their knowledge and skill for economic and social emancipation.

            *       Ensuring fundamental needs of the rural and urban poor by providing their education, health  facilities and other basic needs

            *       Assist to establishing human rights and good governance

            *       Assist to eliminating worst from of child labour.

            *       Assist to eliminating gender disparity

            *       Promoting equal social and legal states of woman through empowerment and enhancement of their capacity to over come the prevailing limitation in the individual community.

(E)       Development strategy of New generation humanitarian organization (NGHO)

*       To ensure appropriate health service for improving health conditions of the coactivity at large with special emphasis for the poor 

*       To ensure faculties to boost up educational level for poor community.

*       To increase women’s active participation in development process.

*       To provide assistance to target people to build up self supporting in come generation capacity.

*       To assist creating trend and environment of self employment and there by boost up income generation capacity.

*       To ensure active participation of the rural and urban poor in the development process.