About General Secretary

About General Secretary

New Generation Humanitarian Organization (NGHO)

Rojina Nasrin

General Secretary of New Generation Humanitarian Organization (NGHO) Rojina Nasrin came from a freedom fighter’s family. Her father was thana commander at the time of Independence. She indulge herself in politics since college life.

After admitting in Dhaka University She actively involved in student politics. She was the President of Bangladesh Student League, Kuwait Moitry Hall Unit, Dhaka University. She was attacked physically and mentally by the cadre of BNP student wing and police.

When She was a student of University and reside in Maitry Hall her room was vandalized and ram sacked several time. In 21st August 2004 when the grenade was charged to kill our leader Sheikh Hasina, her husband Mr. Khalilur Rahman was seriously injured. Still now he is not fully cured.

After 1/11 when Honorable Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina was arrested she with among other organized and waged a movement against military back Caretaker Government to free our Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. She offered pray and hostaged milad in front of sub-jail.

Rojina Nasrin is now Office Secretary of Bangladesh Mohila Awami League.

Speech From General Secretary

Bangladesh became Independent in 1971.  The country was left behind in a state ravaged by the war and natural disaster by populated a significant number of young people full of hope, energy and commitment for reconstruction and nation building. During the post era Bangladesh economy suffered a huge blow due to the political upheaval and poor control mechanism but now the situation are not same. More than 4.5 corer of 31% of the country’s 16.10 corer population are adolescent and youths [between 10 to 24 years]. This is the demographic windows of opportunities for Bangladesh. NGHO seems If we can formulate to strategy and a plan of action to prepare them and create scopes for job. We can significantly improve our socio-economic status like that of Southeast Asia and Europe. At present the country turned as a lower middle income country. In 2041 Bangladesh will be fully developed country. As a activists of Awami League and follower of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina I am working for this. Pirojpur is my home district. This is very under privileged area in the country. Most of the people are very poor and uneducated. I am working to bring change among them in their social, economic and political condition. My ultimate objective is to be a part of sustainable development of the general people is my ultimate vision.

The financial indicators generally ‘International Financial Institutions like World Bank ADB and IDB show their prediction positive in this regard. It would be possible if the present trend remained unchanged. If we look into the past history of the development of Bangladesh then can see the private organization especially NGOs played pivotal role in development sectors. But that was traditional and monotonously work for only to meet the starves of the people. Now the situation is changed .Bangladesh not in remained her previous position .The problems as well as expectations of peoples have been changed. They are dreaming better life, poverty and fasting is not now their problems. Per capita income of our people is increased. So taking those things in account NGHO marched to the field to reach the country in its goal by 2041’s Bangladesh. We think this organization will be given support in two segments of peoples-one is young generation and other is women in order to make themselves as human resources.